Chapter 175: Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon

Chapter 175: Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon

Everyone was greatly tempted after hearing the honored tutor make such a solemn promise.

This included even princes Ye Dai and Ye Rong.

Everyone was well aware that this favor was on a completely different level compared to the guidance given previously. This favor was absolutely unparalleled and incomparable.

Dan Fei looked at everyone’s gazes of desire and expressions that were itching for action, and knew that people’s will to fight had been aroused to the fullest.

She smiled faintly as her shapely body walked towards the back. Shortly after, she returned, leading along an exotic beast and walking slowly into the hall.

This beast had a body of jade green feathers. It had a dragon’s head, two wings on its back, but its tail was like a phoenix with three wings attached.

When this exotic beast appeared, it brought with it a tremendous sense of awe and pressure. Even Jiang Chen, in the midst of his meditation, was shaken by this strong oppressing pressure. The strong pressure shot into his consciousness like an arrow.

Jiang Chen’s eyes opened slightly as he looked at this exotic beast. Internally, he was also a little astonished. “This is an ancient bloodline, a Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon produced from the crossbreeding of dragons and phoenixes!”

“This world actually has ancient bloodlines?” Jiang Chen was slightly surprised, but he immediately brought his thoughts around to it. Although the ancient bloodlines were rare, but heritage would be passed down through the generations and there would always be crossbreeding in between the generations. There were bound to be all sorts of bloodlines roaming the various worlds and planes of existence.

It wasn’t that astonishing that some of ancient bloodlines could’ve made their way here.

Except, Jiang Chen was still faintly astonished to see one appear in a small place such as the Skylaurel Kingdom. When he further looked at the quality of this Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon, It was undoubtedly one in which the ancient bloodline was very weak and diluted.

According to Jiang Chen’s judgement, at most it would be a bloodline of the upper spirit degree. It could possibly evolve to the upper saint degree if all went well.

If it wanted to reach a higher level, it would either have to encounter great fortune or be exposed to superior cultivation. Otherwise, the saint degree would be the limit of this Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon’s abilities.

“As the spirit king protector of the kingdom and a practitioner at the peak of the spirit realm, it’s not a ridiculous thing for the lordmaster to have had a few favorable turns in life. It seems that the lordmaster isn’t simply just the spirit king protector.” Jiang Chen drew this conclusion in his heart.

When his thoughts traveled here, Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye couldn’t help but cast a few more glances at the Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon before sinking deep into thought.

“Although this Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon has an awe inspiring presence, it seems a bit listless. It looks like the lordmaster is worried about this matter?”

Jiang Chen could not hold back a laugh as he thought, “Old tutor Ye is barking up the wrong tree in his panic. Although its level isn’t high, it’s still of the ancient bloodline. How many of these foppish dandies are able to understand it? Even if something is wrong with this beast, what kind of ideas can these fellows come up with?”

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen looked down on these people, it was that these noble disciples of the Skylaurel Kingdom were not qualified enough and hence likely hadn’t heard of ancient bloodlines at all.

If they hadn’t even heard of them, how could they offer any ideas?

Of course, this matter had nothing to do with himself, and Jiang Chen had no plans to step in. What he cared most about right now was the battle with Xin Wudao.

He had to deploy his abilities to the utmost in this battle in order to see even a ray of hope.

His eyes closed as he once again shut himself into the world of meditation.

Dan Fei’s voice sounded once again at this moment, “This creature is a Phoenix-Dragon, and is the steed of the lordmaster. I’m sure some of you in the audience will have heard of it before. Some problems developed with it three months ago and it became fretful and anxious. It doesn’t eat any of the spirit foods offered to it. The beast has lost all desire for food and drink over the past couple of months and is not only dispirited but also lacks energy. Even a spirit creature cannot hold up beneath such torment. The lordmaster has searched for many spirit creature experts but he still cannot identify the reason why.”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly within his heart. You don’t even know where the beast is from, how would you be able to find the reason why? Prescribing medicine and treating the symptoms still requires knowledge of its origins and what the situation is.

“Everyone, to speak candidly, the lordmaster views this creature as his life. As it goes through such torment, the lordmaster also suffers. If any of you have a way to find out the reasons why, the lordmaster will owe you a favor even if you cannot offer the cure. If you can prescribe the appropriate treatment and solve the issue, then the lordmaster will not only owe you a favor, but will also grant you a great gift.”

“What? Not only owing a favor but giving a gift as well?”

“So generous! Just what is wrong with this spirit animal? Damn it, why haven’t I spent more time on the study of spirit animals earlier?”

“Now that the time has come to use them, I rue that I have not perused enough books. I regret not reading more classics and not understanding more of spirit creatures. What a pity, a pity!”

When Ye Dai heard Dan Fei finish speaking, his eyes lit up. He’d already heard some of this news from other channels.

Therefore, he’d gone to the Precious Tree Sect this time and spent a lot of money to invite a genius disciple from the Four Seasons Hall of the Precious Tree Sect, a personage they hailed as one of the five pill geniuses from the Four Seasons Hall, to bolster his group this time.

“Brother Xianke, this time, it’s time for you to show your capabilities!” Ye Dai turned and spoke to the mysterious person in all black robes and wearing a cape next to him.

This person was the person whom Jiang Chen was most on his guard against. His level of training was above that of Xin Wudao and Liu Can.

The caped man was a disciple of the Precious Tree Sect. He was a genius in the dao of pills.

“First prince, I don’t want to boast emptily but those who are stronger than me in the dao of pills in the Four Seasons Hall can be counted on one hand. Amongst the younger generation, if I call myself the second expert in the field of pills and raising spirit creatures, then no one will dare call themselves first.”

This caped man’s name was Han Xianke and he possessed the pride and confidence unique to sect disciples.

“Mm. This prince has invited Brother Xianke this time because I value this point of Brother Xianke. If it wasn’t for the fact that Brother Xianke’s name reverberated in my ears like thunder, how would I place as much importance on you as I do now?”

On Ye Dai’s side, he’d invited the genius disciple Han Xianke from the Four Seasons Hall of the Precious Tree Sect.

Ye Qiao had also made some preparations and brought a senior executive from the Qingyang Valley.

As for Ye Zheng, he’d also invited someone, but his guest was relatively less-renowned. He was a renowned veterinarian and had conducted many studies in the area of spirit animals.

Ye Rong finally took stock of the situation and understood what he’d missed out on.

It turned out that these princes had all received intelligence on why the honored tutor was worried. Ye Rong suddenly realized why sister Dan Fei would use such an odd tone to ask why he hadn’t seemed to know anything when he had passed through the door just now.

So this was what was going on.

“To think that Ye Dai and the others had such effective and pervasive channels of intelligence. Looks like there’s much for me to do if I want to become a strong contender for the position of Crown Prince. I need to make more connections and build more intelligence networks.”

Ye Rong was a bit depressed. He knew that if Ye Dai and the others succeeded this time, then the gap between the two of them would grow quite large.

Receiving the old tutor’s favor and an additional gift held great meaning.

For reasons unknown, Ye Rong couldn’t help but turn his head back and look at Jiang Chen. When he saw Jiang Chen with his eyes closed, having entered into a meditative state, he couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed.

In the instant that he considered of Jiang Chen, Ye Rong suddenly had a thought -- a thought that desired a miracle to appear.

But he immediately smiled ruefully. Jiang Chen wasn’t omnipotent after all. Besides, he himself had not possessed foreknowledge of this matter, what could Jiang Chen possibly do then?

“Ai, Jiang Chen has just accomplished a great achievement for me, I can’t ask that much of him.” Ye Rong thought.

At this moment, Ye Dai took the lead and stood up, cupping his fists, “Sister Dan Fei, a genius pill master from the Four Seasons Hall of the Precious Tree Sect happens to be amongst my followers today. Amongst the young folk of the Precious Tree Sect, if this genius is number two in the areas of pills and raising spirit animals, then no one will dare call themselves number one.”

“Oh? What name does this genius go by?”

“Untalented Han Xianke greets Miss Dan Fei.” Han Xianke was different from the others. He was a sect disciple and wasn’t willing to to humble himself in front of Dan Fei.

“Sir Han, hello.” Dan Fei smiled. “I hope Sir Han can work a miracle and help the lordmaster resolve this issue.”

“I will attack this problem with all my strength.”

“Sister Dan Fei, I’ve also invited an elder of the Qingyang Valley. He has quite some experience in the ways of spirit creatures. Whenever anything goes wrong with the steeds of the four great sites of the Dragonteeth Guard, we all go to him for answers.”

The person speaking was second prince Ye Qiao. A middle aged man stood next to him and he looked wealthy, with some middle age fat and a potbelly. In terms of external appearances, he didn’t present as convincing a front as Han Xianke.

“Qingyang Valley?” Han Xianke suddenly laughed coldly. “And what the hell is the Qingyang Valley? Is it worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as I, Han Xianke?”

The facial expression of the middle aged elder from the Qingyang Valley grew ugly. “Sir Han, you heal yours and I heal mine. Everyone’s going off of their own abilities so there’s no need to be this domineering, is there?”

Han Xianke was unyieldingly lofty, “Domineering? Are you even worthy of me being domineering towards you? I’m simply conveying a truth. Even if old man Fei was in front of me, he’d have to grovel and play nice to me!”

The four great sites were very imposing within the Skylaurel Kingdom, but only within it. To the disciples of the Precious Tree Sect, particularly geniuses like Han Xianke, the four great sites were merely a trash dump.

Only those who had no future in the Precious Tree Sect and disciples who sought to obtain wealth, prosperity, power, and influence in the mundane world would leave the sect and make a living for themselves in one of the great sites.

Therefore, it was quite normal for a genius like Han Xianke to disdain the members of the four great sites.

The middle aged elder from the Qingyang Valley had been insulted to his face, but he could only pinch his nose and hold his anger in. He also knew full well that Han Xianke was a genius within the sect. For him, stepping on an elder of a mundane site would be as effortless as stepping on an ant.

The vet that third prince Ye Zheng had invited stood naively to the side, barely even daring to breath. He was so scared that he didn’t even dare speak.

When first prince Ye Dai saw that Han Xianke’s presence was so strong, he was privately gleeful. He flicked a glance at second prince Ye Qiao, thinking Ye Qiao, you kid, you want to fight with me? You’re humiliating yourself this time, aren’t you?

I can even bring along a genius disciple of the Precious Tree Sect, what can you bring forth to battle with me?

There was an unbecoming expression on Ye Qiao’s face , but he also knew that an elder of the Qingyang Valley truly didn’t dare to fight with a genius disciple of the Precious Tree Sect. His strength was unable to overcome the other’s.

“Alright, since all of you have come, display your talents! The lordmaster has spoken that whoever can cure the Phoenix-Dragon is the true genius!” Dan Fei didn’t like to see conflict.

So what if he was a Precious Tree Sect disciple? If he couldn’t cure the lordmaster’s spirit creature, that still made him mediocre and in possession of an unearned reputation!

Others had to give the disciples of the Precious Tree Sect face, but the lordmaster didn’t have to at all. To speak frankly, even if it was the senior executives of the Precious Tree Sect, the lordmaster didn’t have to give them any face.

Rather, It was Jiang Chen who found all of this funny. Han Xianke was throwing his weight around like he was all that; he seemed to really think that he was quite awesome. Jiang Chen would like to see just how much knowledge and skill he had to his name!

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