Chapter 175: Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon

Chapter 175: Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon

Everyone was greatly tempted after hearing the honored tutor make such a solemn promise.

This included even princes Ye Dai and Ye Rong.

Everyone was well aware that this favor was on a completely different level compared to the guidance given previously. This favor was absolutely unparalleled and incomparable.

Dan Fei looked at everyone’s gazes of desire and expressions that were itching for action, and knew that people’s will to fight had been aroused to the fullest.

She smiled faintly as her shapely body walked towards the back. Shortly after, she returned, leading along an exotic beast and walking slowly into the hall.

This beast had a body of jade green feathers. It had a dragon’s head, two wings on its back, but its tail was like a phoenix with three wings attached.

When this exotic beast appeared, it brought with it a tremendous sense of awe and pressure. Even Jiang Chen, in the midst of his meditation, was shaken by this strong oppressing pressure. The strong pressure shot into his consciousness like an arrow.

Jiang Chen’s eyes opened slightly as he looked at this exotic beast. Internally, he was also a little astonished. “This is an ancient bloodline, a Five Winged Phoenix-Dragon produced from the crossbreeding of dragons and phoenixes!”

“This world actually has ancient bloodlines?”...

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