Chapter 1748: Convening at Cloud Camel Mountain

The patriarch knew that House Xiahou was ruthless and made for a formidable foe, yet he was still taken aback by their boldness.

Though House Yan had been in decline, they were still among the first tier factions in Eternal Divine Nation. They weren’t at House Xiahou’s level, but should still have some confidence when facing the former.

And yet, House Xiahou had boldly sent a venerated elder to House Yan to threaten the patriarch! Their complete lack of hesitation shocked and terrified him. They’d also done so without the slightest bit of psychological pressure.

Weren’t they worried that House Yan would report the transgression to the Eternal Sacred Land?

What happened left a bitter taste in the patriarch’s mouth. A shudder ran down his spine when he thought about Xiahou Zhen’s threat. The foreign elder even knew how many sons and grandsons the patriarch had. Clearly, the man was...

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