Chapter 1747: Undercurrents Surge and Ebb

Yan Wanyou didn’t take that as criticism. He scoffed. “I know the value of discretion. We are lesser than House Xiahou. Do you think we should provoke them despite our inferiority? That’s not courage, but courting humiliation and trouble!”

Yan Wanjun sighed with resignation and didn’t continue the argument. He turned to the patriarch. “It seems I’m losing my physical and mental faculties in my old age, Patriarch. I can no longer contribute to the family. Please remove my title as a venerated elder. I will lead a secluded life from now on.”

Yan Wanchong hurriedly interjected, “Elder Wanjun, you mustn’t lose your drive. You’re still hale and hearty. Your age hasn’t affected you at all! Besides, the house is in a difficult position. We need someone dependable like you to shoulder our burden. If you abandon us now, we’ll be further weakened.”

Many elders echoed...

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