Chapter 1746: Upheaval in House Yan

But Jiang Chen didn’t dwell on that. No matter what the future entailed, he’d stay true to himself and his principles.

I can’t determine the fates of the Eternal Sacred Land and Myriad Abyss Island. I can only do my best to grow stronger, to become powerful enough to not only weather the oncoming storm, but also dictate the future!

He knew that he had to stand by the Eternal Sacred Land no matter what. House Xiahou must never replace the sacred land. Otherwise, things wouldn’t end well for him.

To make sure that both he and Huang’er could gain a foothold in Myriad Abyss, House Xiahou was an enemy he must eliminate. With his mind made up, he eliminated all unnecessary thought.

Huang’er and the others slowly came to.

“What happened?” Yan Qingsang muttered. “Why did I black out all of a sudden?”

Huang’er, being more clever than Yan Qingsang, quickly figured out that the venerated forefather of the sacred land must have paid a visit. The three of them had...

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