Chapter 1745: The Danger To the Sacred Land

Jiang Chen hadn’t expected his cover to be blown so soon. Moreover, the secret the forefather had revealed was even more shocking. His perception of Myriad Abyss Island was completely overturned.

He’d always thought that the residents of Myriad Abyss were like the legends, descended from ancient deserters, a pack of cowards, one and all. He’d been gravely mistaken.

“I cannot help you with the human domain right now, but I will support you unconditionally while you remain in Myriad Abyss. However, our present circumstances are difficult and in flux…”

“Difficult?” Jiang Chen blinked. “Are the offworld invaders gathering in great numbers again?”

“Not quite. The Ten Divine Nations’ most pressing problem is internal, rather than external.”

“Internal?” Jiang Chen didn’t understand.

“Yes.” The forefather sighed softly, his tone somber. “Perhaps you haven’t been here for too long, so you can’t feel...

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