Chapter 1744: Staggering Secret Intelligence

The venerated forefather smiled slightly. “You don’t have to answer. True god incarnates are rare, but they do exist in Myriad Abyss. One such example is… Xiahou Zong.”

“What?!” exclaimed Jiang Chen.

He’d wondered about Xiahou Zong’s unnatural talents, but the possibility that the young genius was a reincarnated god had never crossed his mind.

“Don’t worry. Xiahou Zong is touchy and proud because he’s an incarnation of a divine being, but his memory hasn’t awakened completely yet. What’s more, there exists a critical flaw in his character. You may not be able to defeat him in the sword competition, but in the long term, you’ll surpass him sooner or later.”

The forefather’s tone was casual, like he didn’t think much of Xiahou Zong, which made Jiang Chen curious.

The young man was the top genius of the younger generation in Eternal Divine Nation. Why was the forefather so dismissive of him?

The forefather seemed to read Jiang Chen’s doubt. “I recognize the value of god incarnates due to their scarcity. However,...

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