Chapter 1742: The Festival Ends

The biggest winner of the Skymender Festival was Jiang Chen, rather than the Eternal Sacred Land. He had won reputation and fame in Myriad Abyss as a whole, as well as the sacred land’s support. More importantly, the danger looming over Huang’er was momentarily abated.

Yan Qingsang had used his status as a disciple of the sacred land to invite Huang’er to stay awhile. This was a completely reasonable request that served a twofold purpose: it would get rid of House Yan’s surveillance as well as the risk of House Xiahou’s interference.  

In other words, it assuaged all of Jiang Chen’s concerns.

After the conclusion of the Skymender Festival, Jiang Chen visited the Hall of Merit once more and received a warm welcome.

“Congratulations, young Shao Yuan. You’ve completed the sovereign mission ‘Flames of Vengeance’. I certainly didn’t expect it the first time I laid my eyes upon you.” Gu Yunjin clucked his tongue. “Heroes certainly do distinguish...

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