Chapter 1740: Marry Only Him

Ziju Min had made some hyperbolic statements, but he hadn’t strayed away from the truth. It’d be a great shame for House Yan to lose a pill dao genius like Shao Yuan.

Returning Huang’er to House Xiahou would only temporarily appease the latter. There was no guarantee that House Xiahou wouldn’t trouble them again. On the other hand, marrying Huang’er off to Shao Yuan would bring them many benefits. Even a fool would choose that instead.

However, House Yan was bound to draw House Xiahou’s ire for letting Shao Yuan take Huang’er, and the retribution wasn’t something House Yan could survive.

The patriarch fell silent, at a loss of what to say.

Yan Wanjun was disappointed by the patriarch’s inability to take a stand when it mattered. He looked at his granddaughter apologetically. Overwhelmed by shame and regret, he could barely meet her sorrowful eyes.


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