Chapter 174: The Honored Tutor’s Difficult Problem and Promise

Chapter 174: The Honored Tutor’s Difficult Problem and Promise

The old tutor’s response actually wasn’t what Ye Dai had hoped for. In fact, Ye Dai had really wanted the honored tutor to compliment him and say that he’d asked a wonderful question, and then compliment him on his scope of vision and desire to find high footing. Finally, he would also encourage Ye Dai to use this goal as motivation and strive to achieve it.

Unfortunately, these were all answers that Ye Dai craved, but the old tutor’s actual response was vastly different.

However, Ye Dai didn’t dare show the slightest bit of dissatisfaction so he put on a facade of being deep in thought. He mused for a bit before saying, “The teacher’s words are full of determination aimed at a higher vantage point. Your student will need to advance to another level before being able to comprehend the teacher’s perspective. It looks like your student will need to work harder at grasping the greater picture, and must at the same time desire to become a fierce and ambitious person, working towards the goal of uniting the sixteen kingdoms.”

Although the honored tutor hadn’t responded in the way he hoped, this didn’t preclude Ye Dai from expressing his own opinions and views towards the honored tutor.

The lordmaster smiled faintly and didn’t respond. He would only answer a question once and it was impossible for him to voice anything else.

Although Dan Fei maintained a natural smile on her face, she was shaking her head inwardly. Ye Dai fancied himself as a clever man.

How would a young man like Ye Dai be able to grasp the perspective from which the honored tutor viewed things?

Dan Fei could actually understand what the lordmaster meant with his words. He was saying that the momentum for a greater picture to unite the sixteen kingdoms had yet to form.

He was also hinting that Ye Dai was not the fierce and ambitious talent that was needed.

That last sentence in particular, in which all was empty talk if both of the requisite conditions weren’t meant, was actually a blow to Ye Dai. It was an oblique indication he should stay grounded and humble, and refrain from reaching for what was beyond his grasp.

It was a pity that Ye Dai was completely immersed in his own thoughts and had not understood the connotations of the honored tutor’s words.

What heights have you risen to now to speak of uniting the sixteen kingdoms? Your strength has yet to reach the required level but your ambitions are overweening. This would wreck the country and bring ruin to the people.

“In the end, Ye Dai still thinks of himself as a bit more clever than he actually is.” Dan Fei sighed privately within her heart.

Her beautiful eyes changed direction and looked towards Ye Rong, “Ye Rong, you’re in second place. What question do you have to ask the lordmaster?”

Ye Rong was all seriousness as he said gravely, “Teacher, my question happens to be almost the direct opposite of big brother’s question in terms of line of thought. I’ve been considering, does a kingdom count as strong if its borders are endless, or if the country is prosperous and the people at peace? For a strong dynasty, even if it carves out new frontiers everyday, if the people are destitute and the soldiers on the front lines suffer high casualties, what is the meaning of exhausting the troops and engaging in war like this?”

Ye Dai’s facial expression chilled with Ye Rong’s question.

Ye Rong was obviously asking this question just for the sake of asking it. Ye Dai’s question had to do with uniting the sixteen kingdoms, whereas Ye Rong asked what was the point in indulging in wars of aggression!

No matter how one looked at this question, it was at direct odds with the question that he, Ye Dai, had asked.

The honored tutor’s expression was noncommittal as he wasn’t angered by Ye Rong’s contrary question. He thought briefly, then said, “Soldiers are men as well. If soldiers and generals have no motivation and goals when fighting on the front lines, they will be unhappy. Then, such wars are meaningless. Expanding borders is not necessarily an evil. On the other hand, holding the army in check is not necessarily a good thing. The difference between good and bad is determined by the intention of the war. If expanding borders can help more people live a better life, then this war is a good one. This old man’s perspective is that the purpose in expanding borders lies not in having more territory, but in helping more people live a prosperous and peaceful life! If one in a superior position loses sight of this goal, then he will lose sight of the correct direction.”

Ye Rong listened raptly, nodding slightly as he returned to his seat. He would need some time to absorb and digest these words.

“Alright, now, it’s time for the owner of the first place gift to ask his questions. According to the rules, the owner can ask two questions.”

Dan Fei cast her gaze onto Jiang Chen.

She was a smart woman and naturally knew that this Nine Magnificence Dew Wine was not something that the three had planned together.

It was one hundred percent something that this strange young fellow had cooked up.

Dan Fei was a woman who didn’t easily find her curiosity piqued, but at this moment, she was quite curious about Jiang Chen.

She really wanted to know just what question would this young man ask of the lordmaster? Questions of martial dao? Or questions in other areas?

Feeling Dan Fei’s eyes on him, Jiang Chen smiled faintly and inclined his body slightly, hiding behind Ye Rong very naturally.

It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was running away from anything; he truly didn’t want to keep a high profile. What he wanted to do most at the moment was to close his eyes and rest for a bit, simulating a battle with a spirit realm practitioner.

Because he was going to face Xin Wudao’s challenge next. This matter had to do with the life and death of the Qiao brothers.

Under these circumstances, Jiang Chen truly had no interest to bother himself with these things. He knew that if he asked a question, he’d be subjecting himself to all sorts of rumours and gossip.

It was better to avoid these things if possible.

When Tian Shao saw Jiang Chen like this, he knew that Jiang Chen had truly decided to give up his chances and wasn’t putting on a show of false politeness. He said to Lin Qianli, “Qianli, you ask first.”

Lin Qianli also wanted to protest out of modesty, but his resolution towards martial dao overcame his modesty in the end and he took a step out.

“Honored tutor, your junior, Lin Qianli, of the Azure Heaven Southern Palace, would like to ask a question with regards to martial dao. Your junior has constantly sought after the great perfection of twelve meridians true qi within the true qi realm. I have meditated arduously for three years but have never obtained it. Your junior would like to ask the honored tutor, is the great perfection of twelve meridians true qi just an insubstantial mirage in the end?”

A sudden beam of shrewd light shot out from the honored tutor’s eyes, shooting into Lin Qianli’s heart like an arrow of unparalleled sharpness.

“Aren’t you half step spirit realm already? And you still cannot let go of your fixation on great perfection? There has never been such a thing as great perfection on the path of martial dao. Perfection means there is no longer any room for improvement. You are fixated on great perfection, yet you do not know that you are already passing up the best timing to enter the spirit realm?”

These words were as lightning streaking amidst the dark, dim hillsides as they lit up Lin Qianli’s world of martial dao.

Lin Qianli was akin to being struck by lightning in that moment as he stood there, petrified. Abruptly, the light of enlightenment shot out from his eyes as a relieved smile blossomed on his face.

He bowed deeply, “Many thanks for the honored tutor’s blow to the head, allowing your junior to brush away the clouds and see the clear sky.”

The old tutor smiled faintly and said nothing else. He rather admired Lin Qianli’s decisiveness and strong capabilities of comprehension.

“Junior Tian Shao…” Tian Shao walked on stage next.

Although Jiang Chen had said that this was a gift from all three of them, Lin Qianli had asked one question and Tian Shao was taking the other.

Didn’t this mean there were no opportunities for Jiang Chen to ask anything?

Jiang Chen wasn’t asking? Even the people on Ye Dai’s side were faintly astonished.

Lu Wuji was even cursing Jiang Chen in his heart, “Jiang Chen that fool, how could he pretend to be generous and give such a prime opportunity to someone else? He’s a fool, alright. Mothereffing hell, why won’t such great opportunities fall into my lap?”

Although Lu Wuji had just been hectored by Dan Fei, he still maintained absolute worship and admiration towards Ye Chonglou, just like everyone else.

He would even dream of having an opportunity to ask questions like this, but he knew that such a chance would never come around to him.

As he saw Tian Shao walk onto stage, Lu Wuji’s heart felt like it had been bitten by a viper as he was filled with jealousy. Just who the hell was Tian Shao? He’d always been someone beneath Lu Wuji’s feet, someone whose status had never been able to match up to Lu Wuji. How could he swagger on stage to ask questions of the honored tutor now?

“Little petty men getting their wish!” Lu Wuji cursed inwardly. He could only scorn the person who obtained what he desired but could not have.

Dan Fei was also slightly surprised. She’d been curious about Jiang Chen and really wanted to know what questions he’d ask.

But, even though she’d waited and waited, the end result was that none of the people asking questions was Jiang Chen.

In this regard, Dan Fei’s curiosity towards Jiang Chen increased even more.

Tian Shao’s question naturally had to do with martial dao. The honored tutor was obviously a teacher who taught without discrimination. No matter who it was who asked a question, he treated them all fairly and give targeted explanations.

His final answer also greatly benefited Tian Shao.

When the old tutor had finished answering Tian Shao’s question, first prince Ye Dai also breathed out a long sigh of relieved comfort. This unlucky break was finally over.

The segment of offering gifts concluded here.

Although he was in third place, this ranking caused him to be dejected.

Even so, he was fully anticipating the next segment, because sister Dan Fei had just mentioned that another segment would be spontaneously added after the gifts were presented.

Ye Dai was rather looking forward to this segment because he had prepared long and hard for it. He’d even given no thought to the costs and had purposefully invited a disciple of the Precious Tree Sect to come just for this matter.

“I hope that the intelligence was correct this time, and that the additional segment sister Dan Fei mentioned was the item that I prepared for. If I can help the honored tutor to relieve his burdens, then I am sure that I will become his most favored student. When I ascend to the throne in the future, I am sure to receive the honored tutor’s support and approval!”

Ye Dai’s eyes were full of ardent fervor as he looked at Dan Fei with a hotly burning gaze. His heart itched to advance to the next segment.

When he thought of Dan Fei’s promise, all of the blood in Ye Dai’s body thrummed and boiled…

Those who could help the lordmaster resolve this difficult would receive a favor from the honored tutor!

After receiving a nod from the lordmaster, Dan Fei once again came to the front of the stage and smiled demurely, “Everyone, I already mentioned earlier that there will be an additional segment added after offering the gifts. According to prior agreement, whoever can help the lordmaster with his troubles in this segment will receive a favor from the lordmaster. Remember, this is a favor that the lordmaster will expend his full energy to fulfil. Everyone please rack your brains.”

“A favor that he’ll use his full energy to fulfil?”

“My gosh! How many years has it been since the honored tutor has made a promise like this?”

“Tsk tsk, if I could receive a favor from the honored tutor, joining even the Precious Tree Sect would be but a word from the lordmaster away?”

“We must cherish this opportunity!”

“Heh, even the king is likely to be jealous of whoever receives this favor.”

“Heh heh, if this favor falls to me, I would hail the lordmaster as my master immediately and reside with sister Dan Fei. This way, heh heh…”

All sorts of thoughts and ambitions permeated the great yard in this moment.

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