Chapter 174: The Honored Tutor’s Difficult Problem and Promise

Chapter 174: The Honored Tutor’s Difficult Problem and Promise

The old tutor’s response actually wasn’t what Ye Dai had hoped for. In fact, Ye Dai had really wanted the honored tutor to compliment him and say that he’d asked a wonderful question, and then compliment him on his scope of vision and desire to find high footing. Finally, he would also encourage Ye Dai to use this goal as motivation and strive to achieve it.

Unfortunately, these were all answers that Ye Dai craved, but the old tutor’s actual response was vastly different.

However, Ye Dai didn’t dare show the slightest bit of dissatisfaction so he put on a facade of being deep in thought. He mused for a bit before saying, “The teacher’s words are full of determination aimed at a higher vantage point. Your student will need to advance to another level before being able to comprehend the teacher’s perspective. It looks like your student will need to work harder at grasping the greater picture, and must at the same time desire to become a fierce and ambitious person, working towards the goal of uniting the sixteen kingdoms.”

Although the honored tutor hadn’t responded in the way he hoped, this didn’t preclude Ye Dai from expressing his own opinions and views towards the honored...

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