Chapter 1739: At Each Other’s Throat

Jiang Chen remained impassive. He was unsurprised by Ziju Min and the first prime’s decision. They hadn’t told him before the announcement, but that didn’t matter.

Today was the day that all his prior work came to fruition. Finally, the Eternal Sacred Land was showing him its public support. The faction’s attitude was categorically clear-cut rather than fuzzy and uncertain.

The complexions of House Xiahou’s attendees darkened. Xiahou Zong was the worst affected; his face clouded over with malevolence. Though the first prime hadn’t named the girl, he knew instinctively who it would be.

After recovering from his bewilderment, House Yan’s patriarch swallowed slightly.

“Who are you talking about from House Yan, First Prime?” he asked, though he already knew the answer.

The first prime smiled leisurely, then looked toward Huang’er. “Which girl from your younger generation can surpass Yan Qinghuang?”

“Her?” The patriarch didn’t know what he was supposed to feel. Was...

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