Chapter 1738: Talk of Marriage

Jiang Chen was hardly exaggerating.

However, the others thought he wanted to hog something precious. It was understandable, since it wasn’t reasonable to expect the valuable pill recipe to be shared for free.

No one in attendance was nearly so naïve. They’d made the request in order to guilt Jiang Chen into agreeing to what came next.

“Young Shao Yuan, we all know that the Taiyi Skymender Pill is your exclusive secret. We’re not going to push you for it. However, can we ask you to visit when convenient to refine the pill for us? We’re be happy to pay whatever fee you ask, as long as it’s not too outrageous!”

This was what most factions really wanted.

They had Taiyi Dragonscale Fruits, but no idea how to turn them into pills. If Shao Yuan could do that for them, their objective of getting more pills would still be accomplished in the end.

Such a service was common in the pill dao world. Obviously, it was very...

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