Chapter 1737: A Complete Change of Perception

Shi Xuan’s tone was bitter and desperate. No matter how cunning and confident he’d been, no matter how much respect he’d garnered, he had no choice but to admit defeat.

He was a determined man. Given what’d happened, he recognized that the only thing he could do now to preserve his dignity was to commit suicide.

For him however, his dignity had never outweighed his life. He believed that one should always live to fight another day.

The thought placated him. He approached Jiang Chen with an impassive expression and dropped down to one knee. “Master, Shi Xuan hereby submits myself to you as a pill slave.”

The pill sovereign’s submission was more shocking than Jiang Chen’s display of the True Fires of Ninety Nine.

Shi Xuan surrenders??

Many pill dao experts of the Eternal Sacred Land wept, tears streaming down their face. Sixty years after...

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