Chapter 1736: Complete and Utter Defeat

Shi Xuan’s ominous foreboding had been proven right. The cauldron’s resonance was a curse upon him and pushed him to near breakdown. 

No matter how confident he was of himself, he knew he’d never break that record. His mind blanked in this denial of reality. How could an inexperienced brat possibly do this?

Jiang Chen smiled lazily. “You may turn around now, Shi Xuan.”

Shi Xuan tensed, his expression contorted in a scowl. He knew better than anyone that he’d truly lost, and it was a loss that he couldn’t deny. His mind was in morass as he wondered how his failure came to be. Where did the sacred land even find this youth?

Even with countless eyes watching them, Shi Xuan was tempted to go back on his word, but his heart spasmed when he thought of the oath he’d sworn. His reputation would never recover from the damage it’d suffered today.

Jiang Chen...

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