Chapter 1735: Tremendously Wondrous Art

At the end of the day, Shi Xuan was a pill dao master who’d enjoyed a lengthy career of success. His opponent Shao Yuan was just a young genius. Though he might have incredible talent when it came to theory, the expertise behind his practical technique seemed rather more nebulous.

Surely there was a marked difference between a young man and a proven senior? Wasn’t it very unwise for Shao Yuan to fight in a field favorable to his opponent?

Even those from the Eternal Sacred Land felt that he had overreached here. Shouldn’t he have brought out the Crowning Empyrean Pill, forcing Shi Xuan to lose on the spot?

After all, there was no way the other man could refine the pill, which would lead to an automatic loss for the second round. The bet would be absolutely over then.

Ziju Min exhaled a distraught sigh. He was pained by Jiang Chen’s apparently reckless decision, a sentiment that the three primes keenly shared. However, they guessed...

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