Chapter 1733: Bedraggled Beyond Belief

Shi Xuan remained somewhat unconvinced. He hoped the kid was nothing more than a fluke. What if he really was just pretending?

Alas, Jiang Chen’s answer shattered his unrealistic hopes. The answer was exactly the same as his research.

He wanted to pick a bone, but didn’t know where to start. He looked several hundred years older in that instant, his expression preoccupied and gloomy. There were only three rounds. For him to lose the first round was very bad. He rather regretted being so careless.

If he hadn’t agreed to the format of this battle, he might not be at such a disadvantage right now. At the time, he hadn’t thought much of such a green-looking kid. How could he lose to a rookie in any aspect?

That overconfidence had been his bane. He was at a serious disadvantage after only round one.

He needed to win one of the ensuing rounds now. Otherwise, he would lose overall even if both the second and third rounds...

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