Chapter 1730: Rules of the Wager

The Taiyi Skymender Pill was the sole reason Shi Xuan had come to the festival. In his eyes, all of the Eternal Sacred Land was beneath him. It was self-degradation to even attend the event.

He was here to fish in troubled waters, and hadn’t expected the Eternal Sacred Land to become so full of bluff and bluster all of a sudden. They’d sent a young man to provoke him again and again, even challenging him to a match like a mad dog!

In his opinion, no one in this sacred land was worthy enough to even be his disciple, let alone be his opponent. Only a fool would challenge him in pill dao.

The one thing all geniuses had in common was unlimited self-confidence. However, it was odd that a young man would insist on antagonizing Shi Xuan to these ends. Something wasn’t as it seemed.

Though Shi Xuan felt there must be a catch, he wasn’t worried. He was confident that the Eternal Sacred Land wasn’t good...

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