Chapter 173: The Furor Brought by the Gift in First Place

Chapter 173: The Furor Brought by the Gift in First Place

Ye Rong didn’t think that Jiang Chen would give them such a great surprise so carelessly.

He had invested a great deal in recruiting Jiang Chen, he’d even gifted Jiang Chen the four times refined spirit weapon, the Da Yu bow.

However, today, Jiang Chen had returned it all, with interest! The magnitude of this return was such that even five spirit weapons wouldn’t measure up to it.

A spirit weapon was dead and it could be bought with money.

But the sense of pride, the feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment and the honor of receiving the honored tutor’s favor was something that no amount of money could purchase.

Tian Shao and Lin Qianli also felt that this was quite incredulous.

Tian Shao was alright, he’d interacted with Jiang Chen before and more or less understood him. He knew that this fellow most likely had an impressive background, and that he often committed stunning acts.

It was the first time that Lin Qianli had come in contact with Jiang Chen though, and he’d been rather predisposed against Jiang Chen earlier. But now, Jiang Chen’s careless action had astounded all those around him and he firmly suppressed them!

In the beginning, Jiang Chen said that the wine jug was an indication of the three’s sentiments, Tian...

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