Chapter 1729: Increasing Provocation

Everyone from the Eternal Sacred Land was heavily taken aback, to say nothing of Ziju Min. They had thought that Shao Yuan was a calm and mild-mannered genius. Who would’ve thought that he’d be so electrifying when doling out the insults? 

To Jiang Chen, the logic was simple. He needed to do all that he could to prove himself in the festival, to show the Eternal Sacred Land that he was worthy of their full support.

The middle-aged man hadn’t expected the young man to dare talk back, and even publicly jeer that the Flora Divine Nations produced nothing but trash! How foolish must he be to do so??

The man scoffed sharply and snapped back in a frigid tone, “Your foolishness sure makes you bold. If we truly are so useless, what does that make you losers from the Eternal Sacred Land? 

“If I remember correctly, one of your own lost to Master Shi Xuan in a pill dao match, which resulted in an inner demon leading...

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