Chapter 1728: Verbal Sparring

The ocular duel between the two young men was a minor scuffle at best. After testing the waters, Jiang Chen leisurely shifted his eyes away from Xiahou Zong. He ignored the Xiahou genius completely.

Instead, he gazed at the nearby section that belonged to House Yan. Six people were present there: the patriarch, Yan Wanjun, Yan Zhenhuai, Yan Qinghuang, an elder who was a pill dao specialist—and surprisingly, even Ling Bi’er.

Dressed in light-blue clothes, Huang’er gave off an elegant and exquisite aura. Jiang Chen’s eyes radiated a faint sheen of gentleness as they settled upon her.

It was a gaze imperceptible to most. However, there was someone who’d been paying attention ever since Jiang Chen’s appearance. Xiahou Ying’s intuition immediately told her everything she wanted to know.

There was something awry about Shao Yuan’s gaze. Had Shao Yuan fallen in love with that girl from House Yan during his time there?

She had discovered unexplored frontier. Xiahou Ying elbowed...

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