Chapter 1726: The Gift of A Pill

As time went on, the day of the Skymender Festival came closer and closer. Pill dao giants from all over the divine nations streamed into Eternal Divine Nation with their entourages.

Though Eternal Divine Nation was a lightweight in pill dao among its fellows, the nation itself was quite strong amongst the Ten. Therefore, the pill dao giants who’d come didn’t dare cause too much of a disturbance. They maintained the necessary respect accorded to a divine nation of Eternal’s strength, while Eternal Sacred Land occupied a lofty position that couldn't be scorned.

Ziju Min visited Jiang Chen’s residence frequently over the past few days. His mood swung up and down like a pendulum as the festival and guests of all stripes approached. The man was enthusiastic one moment and anxious the next.

Jiang Chen remained a reflect of perfect placidity. Ziju Min couldn't see any emotional disturbance whatsoever on the young man’s face.

“Elder Ziju, why do you look...

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