Chapter 1725: Huang’er in the Throes of Despair

The Taiyi Skymender Pill had appeared in a strange way indeed. There’d been nothing to suggest its emergence before now. The Eternal Sacred Land had announced it without rhyme or reason. Did it have a contingent of capable pill masters who had been conducting secret research?

As mentioned before, Shi Xuan was astonished by the method of the pill’s refinement even more than by the pill itself. The technique had been beyond perfect. He was more curious about whose hands the pill had come about.

“Hmph. What does the Eternal Sacred Land mean by this pill and invitation? Is it flaunting its new acquisition before us?” one of the forefathers declared with displeasure.

“Haha, they’re probably still upset about Elder Zimu,” the other forefather remarked with off-handed contempt.

Shi Xuan smiled faintly. “Flaunting the new acquisition? I doubt they have the courage to do so. Still, this pill is rather startling in its own right....

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