Chapter 1724: Flora Sacred Land

The Eternal Sacred Land’s stance was more than enough for Jiang Chen. He didn’t actually want the faction to help him raid House Yan for his girl; that would be far too crude. As long as the sacred land took a hardline attitude in front of outsiders, that was enough for his purposes.

The lack of disagreement from Jiang Chen prompted a follow-up from Ziju Min. “There’s another important thing I have to tell you. Xiahou Zong has emerged from closed door cultivation!”

“He’s out?” Jiang Chen’s eyes grew keen. “Has he made any moves?”

“Not for now. Don’t worry, House Xiahou isn’t the sort to keep things on the down low. Even if Xiahou Zong was going to fetch your girl, many other preparations would need to be made. The tournament of geniuses for Eternal Divine Nation is in only a few months’ time. Since he’s just finished closed door cultivation, there’s no way he’ll go right back to it. He can’t make use of a cultivation...

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