Chapter 1721: Full Support

Ziju Min was rather surprised to hear the stone door to the secret room open. It couldn’t have been more than ten hours since Shao Yuan started. Had he finished refining the pills? Or had he failed?

It defied logic for a pill of such importance to be refined in less than a day. It had to take more than a couple days, surely!

It didn’t bode well for the process to end so soon. Ziju Min shot to his feet and hurried to the door.

Jiang Chen walked out after refocusing his mind. He was met by a concerned Ziju Min.

“Why have you come out already, Shao Yuan?” the pill sovereign asked without ceremony, his tone anxious. “Did something go wrong?”

Jiang Chen smiled. “No, everything went very smoothly, which is exactly why I came out earlier than expected.”

His words sounded as an explosion in Ziju Min’s head. He felt almost woozy. That was it? The pill had been refined successfully just like that?

The time...

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