Chapter 1720: The Xiahou Siblings

Xiahou Ying had always been a bit of a spoiled princess. Jiang Chen had first drawn her attention at her birthday banquet with his astonishing performance.

Girls’ hearts could be strange things. She was long used to the fact that every man near her wanted to fawn on her, so she found them uninteresting. But when a man different from her admirers appeared before her, she felt rather different.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness were positively alien emotions to her. When they roared to life, they were the source of incredible motivation. She had held out one olive branch after another, testing, inviting, and messaging Jiang Chen on House Xiahou’s behalf.

Sadly, every single attempt had been ignored. In fact, Jiang Chen never bothered to hide his dislike for her whenever they met. At their last meeting at the Eternal Sacred Land, he had also openly mocked her. Her curiosity and inquisitiveness had morphed...

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