Chapter 1719: Xiahou Zong Exits Closed Door Cultivation

Refining the Taiyi Skymender Pill was a first for Jiang Chen in his current life. It was a higher level pill, approaching heavenly rank. If not for his millions of years of prior experience, he wouldn’t have been able to guarantee success.

Pills like these had an extremely complex refinement process. There was no room for error in any step. The smallest of mistakes would mean deleterious effects upon the final product, causing outright failure.

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to start right away, even though he had all the materials. Instead, he sat down cross-legged after he finished the preparations, meditating in front of his pill cauldron.

This was a good habit for refining pills. Because this was a pill he hadn’t refined before, he was being especially cautious.

He used his time in meditation to mentally work out the entire process of refinement. Paying attention...

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