Chapter 1718: All In Readiness

The speculation completely subverted how the three primes perceived Shao Yuan.

God incarnates were uncommon. Over the past couple of hundred thousand years in Myriad Abyss history, very few geniuses had been recognized as true incarnations of divine spirits.

Most were merely imposters who couldn’t prove their claims, while many of the real incarnations’ awakenings were incomplete, recovering only part of their memory from their past lives.

There were also those who’d recovered a majority of their memory, but they’d reincarnated into a host with limited potential. Despite their awakening, the limitations prevented them from becoming as strong as other geniuses.

Thus, the martial dao world was sometimes fair.

Without the right body and the appropriate natural talents, even a god incarnate couldn’t achieve greatness. What was more, those whose memories awakened too late in life would miss the best age for cultivation,...

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