Chapter 1716: Stunning Ziju Min

None of the three pills’ recipes were a problem for Jiang Chen. Their details were all fresh on his mind, as clear as the day they’d first been imprinted there. Refining them wouldn’t be much trouble either, since he had an excess of experience and know-how.

His most difficult problem lay in an embarrassing question. Was it possible to collect all the materials in Myriad Abyss Island?

The three he’d chosen were relatively easy to source compared to their more arcane fellows. Anything much harder had been entirely out of Jiang Chen’s consideration.

Of those, he firmly believed that it was flat-out impossible to get their materials in Myriad Abyss Island. He wrote out all three pill recipes, simulating them several times before he was sure they were issue-free.

“If I can’t get materials for even these three pills, then I won’t bother with anything more ingenious.” Jiang Chen had hand-picked them for their appropriateness to his situation.

Having completed his selection, he found Ziju Min the next...

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