Chapter 1714: Master Shi Xuan

Ziju Min and Gu Yunjin exchanged a look. They read shock in each other’s eyes. They knew Shao Yuan meant his words.

Elder Zimu’s death had been the thorn in the sacred land’s side for the longest time. Both of the elders were old enough to have witnessed the tragic end of this great senior.

Of course they wanted one of their own to take a stand and give the arrogant Flora bastard a taste of his own medicine. To avenge Elder Zimu and the Eternal Sacred Land!

Before Jiang Chen though, no one in the sacred land had even dared think about taking on the responsibility. Everyone knew that the Eternal Sacred Land, with its limited foundation in pill dao, was unlikely to raise a pill dao genius proficient enough to complete the task.

Therefore, the Flames of Vengeance had remained largely ignored over the past decades.

Elder Ziju had thus been drawn to Jiang Chen when he first glimpsed the young man’s pill...

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