Chapter 1713: The Flames of Vengeance

There were over a hundred sovereign missions, more than Jiang Chen had expected. Some had remained unresolved for over a thousand years. They’d long since faded from people’s memory.

Nonetheless, every mission ever submitted remained in the Hall of Merit’s record, and there were no expiration dates. All missions were still valid even after ten thousand years.

Jiang Chen took note of a few missions that caught his attention during his first pass and went over them again. He weighed his options and made up his mind.

“This, mission number 72.” He pointed at the number on the scroll. “It rewards a hundred and twenty thousand points.”

Gu Yunjin was surprised by how quickly the decision had been made. Ziju Min looked over the youth’s shoulders curiously.

“The Flames of Vengeance!”

An interesting name for a mission. It was clearly a fierce matter of personal vengeanc...

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