Chapter 1712: Sovereign Missions

“Nice going. You’ve broken through, haven’t you?” Ziju Min immediately noticed the difference when he gave Jiang Chen a once-over.

Jiang Chen smiled slightly. “Thanks to your well wishes, everything went smoothly.”

“You broke through a mere two months after arriving at the riverbank?” Ziju Min gasped with wonder. “Two months, and you grasped the heavenly law and earned the approval of the heavens, receiving an empyrean decree. Your… comprehension ability is tremendous.”

Ziju Min had been through a lot and had seen many geniuses, but he’d never known anyone like Shao Yuan. Even the most genius cultivator had to overcome great difficulties to ascend from peak great emperor to empyrean realm. The process was a butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis.

Countless cultivators failed the process. After repeated failure, they fell into despair and their will slowly wilted. Only an extremely...

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