Chapter 1710: Comprehending Dao and Breaking Through to Empyrean Realm

Jiang Chen’s bearing and poise was what Yan Qingsang admired most. Many of his words, if spoken from the mouth of another, would be absurd. But his brother seemed astonishingly credible when he made such sweeping statements. 

Yan Qingsang chuckled. “Brother, do you know? Your dominance is what I appreciate the most. I really can’t wait for the day when you stomp that guy underfoot and more, and turn his pride as number one genius into the joke of the capital. I’d laugh myself awake in my dreams if that day comes, and I’ll happily drink myself under the table with my new brother-in-law.”

He’d been a bit upset as to why Jiang Chen had initially approached him. But now, he didn’t mind at all. In fact, he found it rather more exciting. There was finally a genius in Eternal Divine Nation’s younger generation uncowed by Xiahou Zong!

Up to now, many people had been dissatisfied with Xiahou Zong partially out of envy. But Jiang Chen’s disdain for the man was very genuine. There was more than enough evidence to corroborate his at...

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