Chapter 171: Results that Caused Dan Fei’s Jaw to Drop in Shock

Chapter 171: Results that Caused Dan Fei’s Jaw to Drop in Shock

When Dan Fei saw this situation, her lips parted slightly as she smiled faintly, “Let the lordmaster judge whether an item is good or bad. Next.”

Seeing Dan Fei gloss over the matter, Ye Dai couldn’t say anything despite his dissatisfaction. He smiled faintly and retreated to his seat.

Internally, he was even more ticked off. Although sister Dan Fei looked to be impartial, she’d actually helped out Ye Rong twice already. This made Ye Dai feel as though countless little bugs were nibbling away at his heart.

“Can it be that in sister Dan Fei’s eyes, a prince born of a commoner is more worthy of her protection than I, a first prince of pure and noble bloodline?”

Ye Dai did not believe that, and he would never admit it. “It must be that the brat Ye Rong is usually skilled at fawning over her and knows how to amuse her. In terms of great talent and bold vision, and how strong our foundation of family background is, sister Dan Fei surely holds me in higher regard. Surely, she helped Ye Rong find a way out because she pities the weak. But, from the honored tutor’s perspective, how could he have the petty sympathy towards the weak? I, Ye Dai, am the most superior no matter...

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