Chapter 1709: Not Worthy Of Challenging

“What the hell? That’s it?”

“There’s no winner yet! Keep going!”

“Heh, neither of them can defeat the other, so there’s no need to keep fighting. It may look like a tie, but in reality, Gan Ning’s the loser.”

“That’s right. As one of the Five, he’ll be mocked for not being able to defeat someone who just joined the sacred land.”

“That’s unfair. Shao Yuan passed the evaluation by setting a new record. He’s been labelled as a top tier genius and is being raised as such.”

“So what? Shao Yuan’s only at peak great emperor while Gan Ning’s third level empyrean. There’s a great gap between their cultivations. That you have to admit.”

“Oh, easy for you to say. If you’re so great, go fight Shao Yuan yourself! Senior brother Gan Ning’s able to alternate between attacking and defending with ease due to his Water God’s Arm. Anyone weaker would’ve lost in no time to Shao Yuan’s ridiculous speed.”

The crowd held...

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