Chapter 1708: Mutual Appreciation

The young geniuses watched with bated breath as the intense fight continued without an end in sight. Jiang Chen had demonstrated more than enough battle strength to captivate everyone’s attention.

All of the spectators were transfixed by the exciting battle.

In recent times, everyone in the sacred land had been talking about the young genius who’d conquered the Nine Winding Caves, but when all was said and done, they didn’t know for sure just how good Shao Yuan was.

The nine caves were for the entrance evaluation. Most undergoing it were of limited cultivation and mental fortitude. Therefore, the fact that Shao Yuan had passed all nine caves was surprising, but an unconvincing show of his competence.

A majority of them believed that Shao Yuan had been able to set the record because he joined the sacred land later in life. Most cave challengers were between...

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