Chapter 1707: Shocking the Sacred Land

Jing Yi was feeling relieved from a bout of luck, while Xiahou Ying felt a mass of emotions.

Women could sometimes be such bizarre creatures. The more a man ignored her and cast her aside, the more curious she became. Put nicely, it was curiosity, but the truth was that women sometimes were just that masochistic.

Although she was furious with Shao Yuan, her curiosity had also been deeply piqued. She was frustrated and befuddled. Why is Shao Yuan so hostile to my house? Is he doing this to get my attention? Playing hard to get?

Such were the delusions filling her mind at the moment. She quite wanted to know what was motivating the young man. Why had he entered House Yan first, then the Eternal Sacred Land?

Why did he refuse her invitations and was so harsh to her?

He was indeed a martial dao genius to be able to hold his ground as a great emperor against Gan Ning, who was at third level empyrean r...

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