Chapter 1706: A Contest of Speed and Space

As Jiang Chen spoke, he deployed his Kunpeng Meteoric Escape to land on the stage like a bolt of lightning. Both hands crossed behind his back, he cut a striking figure in the ring. In this moment, his austere expression and imposing aura outshone Gan Ning.

Jiang Chen cast his gaze at his opponent. “Get all your ‘brothers’ up here. You aren’t worthy to fight me by yourself.”

Gan Ning was a genius who’d just reached third level empyrean realm. There was widespread acknowledgment of him as one of the Five Great Gentlemen of the sacred land. He wasn’t a useless holder of an empty title.

Like all geniuses, he possessed pride born out of talent. He grinned angrily when he heard what Jiang Chen had to say.

“Did you not sleep last night, Shao Yuan? That’d explain your daydreams right now. You’re just a great emperor. Do you believe that I can kill you ten times over with just one hand?”

Jiang Chen shook his head with a serene smile. “I...

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