Chapter 1705: Open Hostility

No one had expected Jiang Chen to be so brusque towards Xiahou Ying.

No matter how good of an actress she was, she wanted to openly throw down when Jiang Chen mocked her to her face. However, she’d been strictly trained otherwise and suppressed her anger instead. Her eyes reddened and tears welled up. Soon, she wept brokenly.

Jing Yi and his white-knighting comrades gnashed their teeth. They desperately wanted to duke it out with Jiang Chen right away.

The young man in question shrugged at the murderous looks being pointed in his direction.

Jiang Chen had already mentally written off the geniuses he’d met today. A genius of the sacred land who couldn’t resist a few crocodile tears from a woman was destined for failure.

Jing Yi was furious at being ignored. He caught up to Gan Ning at the very front in three strides, muttering at his ear. “Senior brother Gan…”

Jiang Chen knew that Jing Yi was tattling on him for the sole purpose of having Gan Ning shame him in the arena....

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