Chapter 1704: Teaching You a Lesson

If Jiang Chen hadn’t known Xiahou Ying’s true nature, he would’ve been easily deceived by her coquettish complaints and saw her as a innocent, spoiled noble girl. Now with more than enough advance warning about her, he naturally wasn’t going to fall for her tricks. He smiled faintly in response.

The youth dressed in violet, Jing Yi, had had enough. He shot to his feet and glared at Jiang Chen. “You sure are arrogant, Shao Yuan.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Chen smiled indifferently.

“There are plenty of geniuses here who joined before you and have more experience,” Jing Yi raged. “Don’t you think it’s arrogant to act mysterious and mightier than all of us?”

Jiang Chen broke into an involuntary chuckle. “I was perfectly happy in my residence. You people invited me here and try to take me down a peg. Now I’m the arrogant one? I’m curious, are all the geniuses here as unreasonable as you are? Are they all in the habit of twisting...

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