Chapter 1703: Miss Xiahou

Jiang Chen hadn’t forgotten Ziju Min’s admonishment and warning. He was in no hurry to answer Gan Nin’s invitation. Was this a standard social gathering or a veiled test between geniuses? Or, perhaps there were yet other reasons?

Typically, these invitations carried more malice than goodwill. More irritatingly, they were irrefusable even if a trap was obvious. If he did, he would be pinned down as an arrogant antisocial who didn’t play well with others. Or, a coward who didn’t dare attend even a simple tea party. 

Because others had the power of criticism on their side, he was in a tough spot.

Jiang Chen smiled after a moment of consideration. “I‘m new to the sacred land, so I have many things to ask of you. I just hope you won’t think me too coarse.”

“Hahaha, you’re a straightforward man, Daoist Shao Yuan. Shall we go then?”

“After you.” Jiang Chen gestured to indicate that Gan Ning should take the lead.

The young gentleman’s personal presence meant...

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