Chapter 1702: Mission Levels

“Elder Gu, I haven’t been in the Eternal Sacred Land for long, so please excuse my potential coarseness and ineptitude in advance. I would appreciate your guidance in many things, and I’m here to seek it today. I was wondering if you could teach me about the contribution points system?” Jiang Chen responded to the politeness shown with courtesy in kind.

“Hahaha, young man! I don’t know what the others think, but I for one find your victory over the Nine Winding Caves respectably significant. We cultivators have no need to hide our prowess. This goes double for youngsters like you! If you have a hundred percent talent, why show only fifty or sixty of it? There’s no need for that at all! Well done on the caves.”

Gu Yunjin chuckled before continuing. “I suppose that’s past us now. Let’s talk about how the contribution points work. If the venerated forefather has orders to assist, what can I do but obey?”

In Eternal Sacred Land, the...

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