Chapter 1701: Hall of Merit

Jiang Chen perked up. He had joined the Eternal Sacred Land precisely to gain its support against Xiahou Zong. Given how limited his time was, it would be difficult for him to deal with Huang’er’s issue on his own.

This was the perfect opportunity for him to negotiate a deal with the venerated forefather. But what was the right way to bring the issue up?

The forefather was the top of the command chain in the sacred land. Jiang Chen’s relationship with Huang’er might be immensely important to the couple, but it might be wholly insignificant to the forefather.

Jiang Chen thought long and hard about what to say.

“We are generous to our disciples, young man. We’re willing to support you in getting the House Yan girl. However, you have to show us your potential and prove that you’re valuable enough for us to support you, even at the cost of making House Xiahou our enemy.”


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