Chapter 1700: The Venerated Forefather

Jiang Chen’s remarkable performance in the Eternal Sacred Land sent a great ripple through the calm Eternal Divine Nation. No one expected that the young man House Yan had brought back from the Bluesmoke Isles would be this talented. He’d broken the sacred land’s record for the Nine Winding Caves!

House Yan was collectively shocked when they received the news. Incidentally, they became the laughingstock of the great factions in the nation once again. Almost everyone, including the patriarch, regretted their behavior greatly. Yan Wanyou and others who were antagonistic to Yan Wanjun were the few exceptions.

The only thing maintaining their last shred of dignity was Yan Qingsang. A young man from House Yan had somehow managed to pass the sacred land’s evaluation and became one of its official geniuses! He offered the house some comfort in its awkward state.

For his remarkable performance, Jiang Chen was given the best abode located in the best area of the sacred land. Only the...

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