Chapter 170: The Gift Mocked By All

Chapter 170: The Gift Mocked By All

Ye Rong had specially prepared a gift this time. He had also painstakingly selected his followers, Jiang Chen and Tian Shao, who would been young men who’d been more famous lately, and Lin Qianli, a genius disciple of the Southern Palace.

He’d thought that he’d be able to make quite a showing this time.

Who would’ve thought that Ye Dai would completely one up him and have three followers in the spirit realm! This would’ve been completely inconceivable in the past!

In addition, Ye Dai’s present, the Yellow Dragon Watching the Seas Painting, had basically set the tone as soon as it’d appeared. Everyone else’s gifts were a complete joke in front of the painting. They weren’t on the same level at all.

“Number four, what did you prepare this time? You should bring it out for everyone to open their worldview.” Third prince Ye Zheng said with a smile that had a few hints of provocation in it.

Ye Rong felt Dan Fei’s gaze rest on him and strove hard to calm down. He told himself that he couldn’t lose his composure and he must remain steady. He couldn’t lose his grace no matter what, he couldn’t lose his dignity in front of the honored tutor and Dan Fei.

“Sister Dan Fei, the honored tutor is an erudite sage not of this world. This younger brother was afraid that he would have...

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