Chapter 1699: A Perfect Score

However, it was far from easy to hit the pupils of the snake.

Timing was of the essence, as well as the utilization of every other environmental and circumstantial factor. Jiang Chen’s mind was clear. The chain seal in his consciousness was especially active, allowing his senses to maintain peak keenness.

“The chance will be fleeting. I have to make this opportunity happen myself.”

In the span of a single thought, he made a hand seal and conjured countless vines from the Lotus from beneath the earth. They surged towards the serpent with alarming alacrity.

The Lotus’ potency lay not just in its dual attribute offense, but its vines’ terrifying ability to entangle as well.

One or two weren’t particularly effective at doing so, but hundreds to thousands of them combined in force were spectacular to behold.

Moreover, the Lotus was gradually improving itself alongside its master. It was drastically different in form from when Jiang Chen had first obtained it. Each vine was filled with vigor and tenacity.

The serpent was completely...

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