Chapter 1698: Tactics of Exhaustion

Ziju Min had observed Jiang Chen a long while and had put a lot of thought into each of his interactions with the youth. At their first encounter, the young man really had been uninterested in the invitation. That rejection had absolutely not been for the sake of a later acceptance.

The pill had lived for more than enough time to be able to glean that trivial amount of information.

If the young man had planned to join the Eternal Sacred Land all along, he could’ve done so at the first invitation. There would’ve been no need to initially refuse.

The pill sovereign had only pulled off the second invitation by using the friction between the young man and House Yan. Thus, he was certain that the young man would do no harm to the sacred land.

Someone snickered, “Elder Ziju, your guarantee is entirely personal. I don’t find it very convincing.”

Ziju Min smiled coolly. “What do you think we should do? Exile him? Dismiss him from the sacred land?”

“Not necessarily, but we should be wary of him. It’s never...

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