Chapter 1697: The Tone From The Top

The eyeballs of the gigantic serpent spirit were bigger than a lantern. Its horrifyingly bloodshot eyes shone with murderous intent.

Jiang Chen remained calm in the face of the evil spirit blocking his way. It wasn’t the first time he faced down a giant monster. He wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

The serpent suddenly opened its mouth wide.


A whiff of filthy breath shot viciously towards him, the pungent smell repulsive enough to make one wish for the mercy of death.

He instinctively knew that it was highly poisonous. However, no poison in the world could harm him thanks to his golden cicada bloodline. With a simple wave of his sleeve, he diverted the gust of air.

It dispersed and rotated around him in continuous circles. 

He shot a ray of light from his Evil Golden Eye at the enormous serpent’s lantern-like pupils, splitting the air like keen swords.

The spirit hadn’t taken the human’s attack seriously...

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