Chapter 1693: Startling the Primes

Jiang Chen was remarkably determined to take on the seventh cave. Among the geniuses of the Eternal Sacred Land, the best performance in history was passing the eighth cave. Therefore, his goal was to progress through all the trials and conquer the Nine Winding Caves.

“What a man, what a man!” Yan Qingsang felt nothing but surprise and admiration. He finally understood where Jiang Chen’s confidence came from.

Most people would tremble at the mention of Xiahou Zong’s name, but there was no trace of nervousness or fear in his brother. Yan Qingsang had always believed that Xiahou Zong was unrivaled among the youths in the nation, and that he could never be surpassed.

But Jiang Chen refused to accept this fact.

Yan Qingsang had always attributed that to overconfidence and pride. How could Xiahou Zong possibly be beaten? However, it was more than apparent now...

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