Chapter 1692: Bringing Skill and Talent into Stunning Full Play

More importantly, the protection of the Earth Bodhisattva Orb caused the earth attribute creatures to tremble beneath the earth. None dared approach the intimidatingly radiant treasure.

Though Jiang Chen hadn't unleashed its terrifying earth pulse yet, the orb’s natural power was enough to scare many organisms into submission. In this way, he passed through the gravitational cave with leisure.

In fact, he didn’t take much longer than he had in the fourth cave. In terms of ease, the fifth surpassed its predecessor.

Everyone was astonished when Jiang Chen emerged. The elders who’d expected him to fail were paralyzed with shock. Though there had been an emotional component in their prediction of his failure, they really hadn’t wanted him to pass the trial.

Even if he were to pass, he should’ve been exhausted by the ordeal. How could he still be so energetic and laid-back?

Reality had overturned their expectations. It was a bit hard...

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