Chapter 1691: The Nine Winding Caves

Seconds passed into minutes as Yan Qingsang battled on within the fourth cave. He was already exhausted, but he wasn’t going to give up now. He knew that he wouldn’t have any strength remaining after this fight to challenge the fifth. This made the current opportunity all the more valuable. 

He wanted to pass this trial, even if it cost him all he had.

Though he seemed a bit whimsical and off-key ordinarily, he was unimaginably stubborn when it came to certain things. Jiang Chen had discovered precisely this character trait. What reason was there for someone with such conviction not to find success?

Yan Qingsang suddenly recalled many things. His family, his grandfather, his unfortunate cousin, and the brother waiting for him outside…

His waning battle spirit roared to life once more.

“I can’t fall here. Even if I die, I won’t give up here!” An inner voice shrieked inside him. Maddeningly intense willpower burned.

Jiang Chen could sense ripples of...

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