Chapter 1690: The Evaluation Begins

The entrance evaluation for the Eternal Sacred Land had a set of strict standards. Even though Jiang Chen had been recommended in, he wasn’t spared from participation.

After a month of grueling cultivation, Yan Qingsang had improved with remarkable rapidity as well. He could already sense traces of the heavenly dao, and it seemed likely for him to break through at any moment.

Although he was peak great emperor, he hadn’t made much progress with empyrean comprehension for a long time. Over the past month, the details of his martial dao were adjusted to perfection under Jiang Chen’s imperceptible hand and eye, repairing its flaws. Because of this, he was finally beginning to sense what he hadn’t before.

The change manifested in him as a flash of divine inspiration. Due to this, Yan Qingsang prepared to receive the exam in prime condition.

On the eve of the exam, Ziju Min felt a mixture of emotions well up. 

He occupied a quite prominent position in the Eternal...

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